The aim of the group is to contribute to the creation and maintenance of a network of lecturers and researchers, who are willing to explore and debate new developments influencing both planning theory and practice in the light of non-linearity, resilience, adaptivity, complexity, complexity thinking and complex adaptive systems.

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Planning and Complexity
Planning and Complexity
Call for Papers TIME/LESS Sensing, Planning, Designing in Complex Cities and Regions
Tuesday, April 02, 2024
28-29 November 2024, RWTH Aachen University Time is too often a peripheral element in scholarly and practical discourses. It is frequently treated as a...
Planning and Complexity
It’s that TIME again – Save-the-Date for AESOP TG Planning and Complexity Events in 2024
Wednesday, December 20, 2023
Towards the end of 2023, we have news to share to kick-start all of us into 2024. We have noticed many publications in the past year that can boost all of our...
Planning and Complexity
Invitation: Pre-Conference Keynote "Generalized Trust and the Governance of Complex Systems" (Prof. Sakano, ONLINE, Fri 17 March, 10.00h CET)
Monday, March 06, 2023
On behalf of the Manchester team who will host our next group meeting in April 2023, we are excited to announce the 1st Pre-Meeting Theory Keynote for the...
Planning and Complexity
Extended: Complex [Cognitive] Cities: Sensing, planning and design in urban transformations
Friday, November 18, 2022
20-22 April 2023, Manchester (UK) - The 21st meeting Complex [Cognitive] Cities: Sensing, planning and design in urban transformations We still have a few...
Planning and Complexity
Sensing the City: tracing complex urban patterns and their implications for urban governance
Sunday, November 28, 2021
21-22 July 2022, Tallinn, Estonia Cities are in the midst of a revolution fueled by so-called smartification and digitalization of the urban. Myriads of...
Planning and Complexity
Book presentation: Handbook on Cities & Complexity
Monday, November 15, 2021
Online and interactive book presentation of the Handbook on Cities & Complexity The event will be held on 9th of December 2021 : 14:00-16:00 Central European...
Planning and Complexity
19th meeting: Social disruption and urban complexity
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
The event in a nutshell Informal, open, and online event promoted by University of Florence [Critical Planning and Design Lab] with University of Groningen...
Planning and Complexity
18th meeting: Games for Cities
Friday, October 11, 2019
Cities are multidimensional complex systems. While they always have been, today’s societies are confronted with accelerating dynamics. Processes such as...
Planning and Complexity
TG's activities at AESOP Annual Congress 2019
Sunday, July 07, 2019
Round Table on Adaptive Cities - Mitigation, Adaptation, Innovation How do we future proof existing and new cities in a way that they can adapt to new...
Planning and Complexity
17th meeting: Emerging Patterns in the Built Environment: Analytical Tools & Responsive Governance
Monday, June 11, 2018
Our 17th meeting will be held from 7-9 of November, 2018 at Ben-Gurion University and Tel-Aviv University, Isreal. The event is hosted by our dedicated...
Planning and Complexity
16th meeting: Adaptive Planning for Spatial Transformation
Friday, July 07, 2017
Conference program The workshop was hosted by the Department of Spatial Planning and Environment, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen, the...
Planning and Complexity
New UNISDR Guidebooks released
Thursday, June 15, 2017
Land Use and Urban Planning: Local Governments:


The members of the thematic group meet every half year. Together they explore linkages between spatial planning, non-linearity and the science of complexity, processes of adaptivity, mechanisms of self-organization, transformation towards a resilient society, transition managemant and many more issues. Out of various events (Vienna, Reading, Cardiff, Mexico City, Cambridge, Stuttgart, Milano, Tessalonici, Stockholm,  Istanbul, Groningen, Bamberg) publications have emerged:


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