Towards the end of 2023, we have news to share to kick-start all of us into 2024.

We have noticed many publications in the past year that can boost all of our collective thinking even more. Use this form to share your own ones on planning and complexity, or other recommendations. The form also includes our collection of key concepts and terms from Manchester in 2023, and all further ideas are welcome.

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Most importantly, our focus for the 2024 edition of the thematic group’s activities: we will collectively investigate the issue of TIME and its interlinkages with complexity thinking. TIME is a fascinating topic. Everything comes to life, evolves, transforms, and sometimes even repeats itself over time. Actions and planning interventions necessarily deal with time: sometimes as a resource, others as a pressing condition. In short, time is unavoidable. It is an omnipresent aspect, especially for those considering complexity seriously.

TIME/LESS: Sensing, Designing, Planning — the motto for the events that will take place in the following months! On the one hand, this title stresses the implications of (not) thinking about time both from theoretical and empirical perspectives, through the lens of sensing, designing, and planning. On the other hand, it reflects on and questions the timeless character of the conventions, practices, and patterns that are (not yet) affected by the passage of time.

To help plan for our upcoming activities, we encourage you to mark your calendars with the following dates - please also share widely with potential others:


If you are planning to come to Paris, please let us know. Note the deadlines for regular submissions on 8 and 15 January 2024 (!). Some members and friends of the thematic group have already informally confirmed their presence. Your direct confirmation will help us in setting the best format for the gathering.

We invite you to an evening event, hosted from within our group ( Help the preparation of the evening session at AESOP 2024 by answering this Mentimeter poll:

We also invite you to consider submitting to track 17 (risks, that we are co-chairing. 

  • TG Conference, November 28-29/30, 2024 (call for abstracts out ca. in March 2024)

The conference will occur in Aachen (Germany) and will be hosted by RWTH University. Due to its central location, bordering Belgium and The Netherlands along with its vicinity to multiple major cities, it is highly accessible. There is the possibility that the event will be extended to include Saturday, November 30th depending on the number of abstracts received.

Further information will be upcoming. The event is organised by Robin Chang, Fabio Bayro Kaiser and Stefano Cozzolino (local organising team 2024), with support from Christian Lamker and Ward Rauws (thematic group coordinators).


  • Further online events

Stay tuned...