The Thematic Group ‘Nordic Planning’ (PLANNORD) aims to network and exchange knowledge concerning spatial planning in the Nordic context faced with global trends and challenges. The purpose of the Thematic Group is to share experiences and insights on contemporary and emerging planning challenges, in connection to various development conditions and different scales of spatial planning and governance, in particular at local-regional levels. The overarching aim is to promote spatial planning research and education excellence within and in the Nordic context and facilitate related peer support for the academic community while facilitating knowledge sharing and collaboration between academia and planning practice.

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Nordic Planning
Nordic Planning
Call for abstracts: Nordic Planning Research Symposium, ‘PLANNORD 2022 – Planning Sustainable Futures’
Tuesday, March 15, 2022
In August, the 10th Nordic Planning Research Symposium, ‘ PLANNORD 2022 – Planning Sustainable Futures ’, will take place in Aalborg, Denmark. Please find...
Nordic Planning
AESOP TG Nordic Planning webinar: ‘Nordic Planning – PLANNORD': 25/08/2021
Friday, July 02, 2021
Theme : This event will present and discuss some of the current planning trends and ideas in the Nordic countries. What is in particular ‘at stake’ in...


The main form of activity is bi-annual symposia, hosted by each Nordic country in turn. Additionally, the Thematic Group engages in arranging and facilitating PhD education, arranging PhD workshops at least bi-annually, and sharing educational support and information of open PhD courses and seminars organised by Nordic schools of planning.

PhD education collaboration aims to improve the quality of PhD-level planning education, share education experiences, study programs, promote curricula development, and support networking among young academics. The Thematic Group has established collaboration with the newly founded Nordic Journal of Urban Studies.

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