The TG “Transboundary planning and governance” aims to provide room for discussing new planning spaces, formal and informal governance arrangements and comparative perspectives on planning systems, cultures, and practices in Europe and beyond, across various scales.

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Transboundary Planning and Governance
Transboundary Planning and Governance
TG TPG / Happy holidays and events 2024
Thursday, December 21, 2023
Dear all, Last week we had a small but productive TG meeting, reflecting on 2023 and thinking about activities for 2024. Our main activity is of course the...
Transboundary Planning and Governance
Call for papers: "Regions in evolution. Transitions, renewal and emerging forms of regionalisation" (BELGEO)
Tuesday, October 10, 2023
Dear colleagues, Please take note of a call for papers for a special issue in BELGEO which might be of interest to many in our TG: « Régions en évolution....
Transboundary Planning and Governance
Follow up TG “Transboundary planning and governance” meeting and AESOP Congress
Thursday, September 28, 2023
In July, many of us had the opportunity to meet at the annual AESOP Congress in Lodz, Poland. Under the umbrella of the TG, we organized a track (Track 4...
Transboundary Planning and Governance
SAVE THE DATE: Online TG meeting 15 December
Friday, September 30, 2022
Dear all, As recently announced, we would like to establish the habit of meeting annually in December online, in addition to our TG meeting at the AESOP...
Transboundary Planning and Governance
TG Transboundary Planning and Governance: New name and new coordination team!
Wednesday, September 07, 2022
TG Transboundary Planning and Governance: New name and new coordination team! Since the AESOP Congress 2022 in Tartu, the Thematic Group has a new...
Transboundary Planning and Governance
Workshop: Spatial Strategies at the Land-Sea Interface: Rethinking Maritime Spatial Planning
Sunday, October 10, 2021
From 11th-13th September 2019 , a research workshop of the MSPRN and AESOP Thematic Group on Transboundary Spaces, Policy Diffusion and Planning Cultures will...


The TG provides a home for everyone interested in the European dimension of planning (e.g. European spatial development, EU Cohesion Policy and the study of Europeanisation processes), as well as those working with international and cross-continental perspectives on planning and governance. While transnational planning remains a core theme of the TG, transboundary planning processes exist also within countries at various scales, visible for example in the emergence of soft spaces such as city-regions. With the rise of maritime spatial planning, another type of transboundary planning has emerged at the land-sea interface. We are interested to explore not only the spatial but also the institutional and practical implications of such new planning spaces, and what it means for citizens, politicians and planners to live and work with(in) these spaces.

In addition to new planning spaces, we are also eager to discuss changing governance arrangements and planning approaches in existing planning spaces, for example at the regional level, where administrative reforms as well as changing interpretations of the role of planning periodically reshape the territorial boundaries, means and ends of these strategic planning processes.   

Comparative research, including the local, city-regional, regional, national and supra-national levels, is another core theme of the TG. Research on planning systems and planning cultures can provide essential insights on ideas, policies and practices – and the role actors play in shaping these – especially when transcending national perspectives and exploring also local and regional specificities. Comparative perspectives within and between different country contexts can also reveal processes of policy transfer and policy diffusion, and illustrate how planning ideas travel and transform.



TG meetings: The TG meets twice per year: once in person at the annual AESOP Congress and once online in December. Both meetings serve to discuss the focus of the group as well as joint future activities such as special sessions at the upcoming AESOP Congress or calls for special issues. The meetings are open to all interested persons – an invitation will be sent through the mailing list and an announcement will appear on the TG webpage.

AESOP Congress: One track at the AESOP Congress (in 2023 "BORDERS") is directly linked with the TG. We are also eager to facilitate the organisation of special sessions or roundtables on specific themes within the scope of the TG at the AESOP Congress.

Journal collaboration: The TG has excellent relations with various scientific journals whose scope is aligned with the focus of our group. We currently have offers from European Planning Studies, European Journal of Spatial Development, Europa XXI and Planning Practice and Research to organise joint activities or present proposals for special issues. Naturally, decisions on the acceptance of manuscripts and acceptance of special issue proposals rest with the respective journals, not the TG coordinators.

Conferences, seminars or workshops: Following the initiative of the TG members, other activities such as conferences, seminars or workshops can be organized under the patronage of the TG. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your ideas, and we will gladly offer help with the organization where possible. The TG mailing list can also be used to advertise relevant calls and invitations among TG members.


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