How to apply? Draft versions of the new QR application form and QR Guidance prepared by the Excellence in Education Board will be open for consultation starting at the AESOP Heads of Schools Meeting on 1 April 2022. Input and feedback from the wider AESOP community is welcome. Please refer to the Path Toward Quality Recognition to understand the rationale and timeline behind the QR process, the involvement of the Excellence in Education Board and the interaction between the EEB and the applicants.

The new call for QR applications 2022-23 will open after the consultation process concludes—after the AESOP Congress in Tartu.

open consultation until 31 May 2022

Documents for open consultation to engage the wider AESOP community in providing input and feedback to the Excellence in Education Board concerning QR processes and outputs. Share your feedback with the EEB using [email protected]


Use one application form per programme and follow the steps as outlined below. Download the form and fill it out adhering to the QR guidance specified in colour grey under each item in the form. We strongly recommend that applications be filled out through collective group programme meetings. Save the filled application form as a PDF file naming it after the name of university and name of programme (e.g. University of XYZ - Master in Urban and Regional Planning.pdf)


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