Projects Regulations

- AESOP Executive Committee RESOLUTION 12/I/2016

1. Definition

An AESOP Project is a specific task or initiative, intended to enhance and strengthen the activities of the Association in accordance with article 2 (aims) of the AESOP Charter, entitled to receive a special financial support, provided no costs are recurring to the Association.

2. Duration

The maximum duration of an AESOP Project is three years.

3. Elegibility

An AESOP Project can be submitted by any Academic from any Full Member School who, after approval, becomes the responsible person of the Project.

4. Application

Applications for AESOP projects have to be submitted to the Secretary General by the 31st January, using the AESOP Project Submission Form (in annex) and any additional documents considered relevant for the applications’ assessment.

5. Assessment and Approval

Each AESOP Project has to be assessed and accepted by the Executive Committee (ExCo) and approved by the Council of Representatives (CoRep) bearing in mind the relevance of the task or initiative for the future development of AESOP and the current availability of financial resources.

6. Financing

6.1. The AESOP projects are financed by the AESOP's assets, through a specific bank account, which enables and entails a seperate and self-contained annual accounting system for each project.

6.2. AESOP projects are financially administered by the university in which the responsible person is affiliated.

6.3. If, for some reason, the above condition (6.2) cannot be met, the administration of the financial resources allocated to the project remains with the AESOP Treasurer.

7. Management

The responsible person of the Project is the only person in charge of the current management of the Project, the achievement of its goals and the supervision of the costs and the delivery of the financial statement.

8. Monitoring

Every year a progress report, including the detailed financial statement, has to be submitted by the responsible person of the project by the 31st of January of the following year, to the Secretary General and the Treasurer, in order to be, subsequently, assessed and approved by the ExCo and the CoRep.

9. Property

All outcomes of the Project, including all progress reports, are AESOP property.

10. Control and supervision

a) The whole AESOP Project procedure is managed by the Secretary General and financially controlled by the Treasurer.

b) Failure to submit the progress report, including the detailed financial statement, or obtain its final approval implies the immediate suspension of the project.