French and British Planning Studies Group

The French and British Planning Studies Group was founded in 1998, initially by British academics who had undertaken research in France. Very soon after its foundation it developed into a dialogue between French and British academics undertaking research in the other country, which allowed in-depth discussion based on the very extensive knowledge of its members. In the first instance the Group had no other objective than to provide what proved to be an invaluable meeting point for the exchange of ideas at its biannual meetings. From these discussions, however, arose the possibility of joint publications.

The group currently gathers more than 50 members, mostly from Britain and France. Actually, the management of the group is carried out by Olivier Sykes (University of Liverpool) and Philip Booth (University of Sheffield).

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French and British planning studies
French and British planning studies
The Governance of Metropolitan Areas - from institutional reform to territorial cooperation (La gouvernance des métropoles et des régions urbaines - Des réformes institutionnelles aux coopérations territoriales)
Thursday, October 22, 2020
Many European countries are undergoing "metropolitan reform" which aims to endow urban territories with new modes of government. Examples, of these...


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