Quality Recognition (QR) is a programme for continual quality support based on voluntary grounds, peer support and sharing of best practices for the improvement of teaching and pedagogy to safeguard the quality of planning education reflecting the changing requirements on AESOP member schools.

Please refer to the Path Toward Quality Recognition to understand the rationale and timeline behind the QR evaluation process, the involvement of the Excellence in Education Board and the interaction between the EEB and the applicants.
The aim of AESOP QR is not to assess or to accredit the schools of planning but to enhance the scientific and professional quality of European planning schools. AESOP QR is complementary to the role of other European institutions in the field of higher education.
The Excellence in Education Board (EEB) safeguards the development of AESOP’s Quality Recognition (QR) by: (i) evaluating incoming applications after every annual call; (ii) holding feedback meetings with applicants; (iii) drafting feedback reports, and (iv) contributing to advance quality criteria that ensure the transparency of the evaluation processes for awarding the AESOP Certificate of Quality.
AESOP QR has evolved since 2009 and was instituted as a permanent AESOP activity by the CoRep meeting held in Venice in 2019. QR complements ongoing activities of AESOP in promoting excellence in planning education, such as the AESOP Excellence in Teaching Award.
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