The AESOP Young Academics Network is a loosely structured branch of AESOP, which encourages the active participation and exchange of academic work from PhD students to Post-docs and those starting out in academic positions. The YA Network provides a platform through which the academic leaders of tomorrow can share ideas in an open and inclusive environment, challenging and supporting one another in the attainment of superior academic output. The young academics network has two core aims:

- Make AESOP a challenging environment for young academics;
- Open up the structure of AESOP to better encourage young academic involvement.


The YA Coordination Team (CT) is an elected body of 6 members, including the out-going Chair who acts as the senior advisor to the YA CT for an additional year so as to ensure continuity within the team.
CT members contribute to the organisational and management functions of the YA for a total period of 2 years.
Each year elections are held and new members are voted onto the CT through a democratic election process. One CT member, elected from within the CT, adopts the role as the YA Executive Officer (Chair) and thus represents the interests and development of the YA Network on the executive board of its parent body, AESOP.


The YA network publishes two engaging serials.

plaNext–Next Generation Planning is an international peer-reviewed open access e-journal.
Booklet series that documents conversations between two generations of scholars.
A collaborative blog, managed by the YA Coordination Team, functioning as a repository of resources.


The AESOP YA network is an AESOP working group in particular addressed at planners who have only recently entered the academic world: PhD students, postdocs, people starting in academic positions. The activities of the AESOP YA network are complementary to other activities that are being deployed within AESOP as a whole. The YA Network is organized by a Coordination Team (CT) of five elected members. One person from the CT represents the YA network in the AESOP Executive Committee.
The annual PhD workshop is a joint AESOP/YA event, organised under the auspices of the annual AESOP congress. The PhD workshop normally comprises of 30-40 PhD students who are selected on the basis of abstract submissions. The selection committee comprises representatives from both the YA coordination team and the AESOP congress local organising committee.
Limited financial aid is made available to assist workshop attendance, The YA allocates financial grants to a limited number of applicants on the basis of financial need.