An AESOP Project is a specific task or initiative, intended to enhance and strengthen the activities of the Association.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

We are very happy to share that the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) through the AEKOM platform has launched AESOP Zenodo Community!

If you are looking to make your publication available online, share your work with your colleagues without publishing it in a journal and/or disseminate any type of research outputs and reach out to a wider audience, AESOP ZENODO COMMUNITY is the right place to do so!

On Tuesday, the 23rd, the young academics of the University of Belgrade assisted to an online session with AEKOM technical advisor Milica Sevkusic. During almost an hour and a half of hands-on training, participants learned how to use Zenodo* and digital repositories in general. They also learned why Zenodo and other digital repositories add more value to their work than social networking sites.

Two of the participants volunteered to upload publications produced by the AESOP YAs while sharing their screens. Afterwards, many of the YAs booklets series were eventually uploaded to AESOP Zenodo Community. By contributing to building AESOP community, participants learned how to make their own research outputs more visible.

AESOP Zenodo Community serves as a pilot stage in the process of developing an institutional repository for AESOP’s publications. During this stage, the AEKOM team seeks to familiarize AESOP members, and especially Young Academics, with the concept and operation of repositories. Once the institutional repository is up and running, the content uploaded to the AESOP Zenodo Community will be automatically ingested into it.

The AEKOM team offers free sessions to AESOP members school of planning to conduct training to their young academics. All you need to do is send us an email to: and we take it from there! For further clarification/inquiries, please contact AEKOM Project Manager

*Zenodo is an open repository hosted by CERN. It is similar to institutional repositories you may have at your universities, but it is not restricted to academics affiliated with a particular institution. It is available to all researchers all over the world. Zenodo is free and easy to use. You can upload your content to a safe server, provide the basic information about it to make it findable, and get a DOI for free.