Call for Papers

European Transport Conference 2018, Dublin Castle

The Association of European Transport is delighted to publish the call for papers for ETC 2018 at Dublin Castle.

The Association is keen that the papers presented at the Conference address themes of relevance to the transport policy agenda in Europe and worldwide – from a research, policy or practice angle.

papers that fit within programme committees’ areas of interest are very welcome. An exciting new programme committee on Data is planned for ETC 2018, with a view to cater for the growth and diversity of papers expected in this broad all-encompassing subject. The programme committees that are in place for the 2018 ETC, and their mission statements, can be found on the Programme committee web page.

The document with the general call for papers can be found for downoad at the bottom of this page.
Specific calls for papers of the programme committees will be added after publication of the general call for papers on 20 December .

 Some key themes that interest the organisers and Programme Committees see emerging are: 

  • New Mobility patterns, Digitisation and Mobility as a Serviceabout aet promo image

  • Automated Driving and Connected Vehicles / Infrastructure

  • Mobility for Liveable Cities, including Urban Mobility, air quality, health and active travel

  • TEN-T extension to the Balkans and the further east, the new silk road

  • Air Transport and Travel

  • The Wider Economic Benefits of Transport Investment

 We welcome papers on research, operational deployment, policy discussion, thought leadership and we want to hear from anyone interested to use ETC 2018 as a platform to hold your final project dissemination event in a parallel collocated stream. If you are interested in disseminating project results you can find more information here.

Upload your abstract here

Abstract submission is open until 6 February 2018.  

After closing of the abstract submission the paper selection for the 2018 conference will commence. Authors will receive notification of acceptance in April.