TG Transboundary Planning and Governance: New name and new coordination team!

Since the AESOP Congress 2022 in Tartu, the Thematic Group has a new coordination team: Eva Purkarthofer (Aalto University) and Alois Humer (University of Vienna) took over from Giancarlo Cotella (Politecnico di Torino) and Stefanie Dühr (University of South Australia). In the TG meeting in Tartu, we have discussed and agreed upon a simplified name for the TG: “Transboundary planning and governance”.

Along with the update of the TG name, we have also reviewed the thematic focus of the group. The TG Transboundary Planning and Governance aims to provide room for discussing new planning spaces, formal and informal governance arrangements and comparative perspectives on planning systems, cultures, and practices in Europe and beyond, across various scales. You can find more information on the thematic scope on the TG website:

As coordinators, we envision three main ways how the TG can be a useful platform for its members. First, we intend to use the TG to share relevant activities of and with its members, such as calls for papers for special issues, PhD workshops, seminars and other events, information on on-going projects and project applications, as well as invitations to online PhD defenses or online lectures. Second, we intend to organise and facilitate the organisation of events under the umbrella of the TG, such as small conferences, special issues and special sessions or roundtables at the annual AESOP Congress. Third, we aim to enable continuous networking and knowledge exchange between academics with overlapping research interests through the TG meetings and other TG activities.

Our main communication channels remain the AESOP TG website and a mailing list with currently approx. 160 subscribers. If you would like to be included to the mailing list, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In Tartu, we agreed to have two annual TG meetings: One meeting will take place in person at the AESOP Congress and one meeting will take place online in December. Both meetings serve to discuss the focus of the group as well as joint future activities such as special sessions at AESOP or calls for special issues. The meetings are open to all interested – an invitation will be sent through the mailing list and an announcement will appear on the TG website.

We are looking forward to fruitful collaboration under the umbrella of the thematic group and would be glad to hear your proposals for future activities!

Best wishes,

Eva Purkarthofer & Alois Humer