The 6th conference under the auspices of AESOP keeps intact a tradition of conferences promoting a broad interest in food systems and land use. The focus of this conference rested on designing places for sustainable food production in cities. The conference was organized by a team of Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences chaired by  dr Rob Roggema, Professor of Design for Urban Agriculture. Conference website:

Isabelle Diks, alder(wo)man of the city of Leeuwarden, gave an opening speech in the stately reception room of Leeuwarden city hall. See photograph. The conference was visited by 120 attendants. Invited key-note speakers were Dan Kinkead, Director of Projects for the Detroit Future City Implementation Office, Guido Santini, Adviser of the 'Food for Cities' Initiative at FAO and Greg Keeffe, Professor of Sustainable Architecture at Belfast University.