The AESOP TG PSUC warmly invites you to attend the Webinar Making room. Social innovation in urban planning, joint event AESOP TG Public Spaces and Urban Cultures and Iuav of Venice, Department of Architecture and Arts, on 22nd October 2020 4-7 pm (CET) - on line seminar on Microsoft Teams (code: kxa5kcw).

Topics of the event: Social innovation has widely been regarded both by the academic and policy discourses as a positive tool that could enhance the socio-political capabilities of local societies to improve the distribution of disadvantages and to sustain innovative assets of multilevel governance for territorial development. The webinar aims at comprehending how social innovation has changed urban planning theory and practice, by repositioning the role of public institutions in social innovation debate. The seminar’s intended contribution is to provide a reframed concept of social innovation able to reposition public support in the analysis. It is intended also to understand how public space is a tool we can use to maximize the production of public value in regeneration processes; finally, it is aimed to understand how the role of the urban planner is changing in the contemporary cities.

Participants: Alessandro Balducci, Cecilia Bertozzi, Nadia Charalambous, Gabriella Esposito De Vita, Laura Fregolent, Christine Mady, Ezio Micelli, Francesco Musco, Valentina Orioli, Elena Ostanel, Federico Savini, Ceren Sezer, Carla Tedesco.

The workshop is free of charge for participants and will be supported in the framework of the Marie Curie Project NEIGHBOURCHANGE (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view and in partnership with Master U-Rise (