Round Table on Adaptive Cities - Mitigation, Adaptation, Innovation
How do we future proof existing and new cities in a way that they can adapt to new conditions? A holistic, human-centred approach to urban development is key for a more liveable urban environment that can change with the needs of the communities. See flyer attached.

When and Where:
 Room GRADONI, Wednesday 10th of July, 14:00-15:30hrs
Panel members: Stephanie Tunka, Sanda Lenzholzer, Federico Parolotto, Stefano Cozzolino, Giulia Setti, Roxy Guellmeister, Ward Rauws
Thematic Group management meeting
Which recent activities did we had? What is the latest output? And what are the upcoming events? 
Do you have ideas on the topics upcoming meeting should address? Or do you want to learn how you and your colleagues can get more out of our network? Then please make the time to participate in this meeting. The quality of our Thematic Group relies on our collective efforts. 

When and Where:
 Room F, Thursday 11th of July, 12:45-14:00 (lunch available in the room)
Special session: Dynamic change, Uncertainty and Planning for Adaptivity
Eager to learn and discuss about how the complexity sciences may support planning in developing advanced understandings of and productive strategies for urban planning in a world of change? Then this is a special session you should not miss! 
Setup: interactive, with small group discussions. 
When and Where: Room F, Thursday 11th of July, 14:00-19:00 hrs
Speakers: Ernst Alexander, Stefano Moroni, Nurit Alfasi, Paulo Silva, Mark Zandvoort, Linda McElduff, Camila Perrone, Stephanie Geertman, Stefano Cozzolino, Aleksandar Slaev, Kathy Pain, Jan Polivka, Beatrice Belle', Pu Hao, Corinna Del Bianco, Ward Rauws
Round Table on Planning Rules for Self-organizing Cities
Considering self-organization as a key mechanism through which cities dynamically evolve, what are its implications for planning rules? For instance, how can rules incorporate the unpredictable nature of self-organization? Which rules can exploit the benefits of self-organization while avoiding certain risks connected to it? In this interactive Round Table these and other fundamental questions will be explored and discussed. Feel invited and join!
When and Where: Room K, Friday 12th of July, 14:00-15:30 hrs (new time slot)
Panel members: Edwin Buitelaar, Nurit Alfasi, Jenni Partanen, Stephen Marshall, Tuna Tasan-Kok, Federico Savini, Paulo Silva, Stefano Moroni, Stefano Cozzolino, Ward Rauws