13th Planning and Complexity Thematic Group Meeting Tampere 15th-16th January 2015 COMPLEXITY and DIGITALISATION OF CITIES – CHALLENGES FOR URBAN PLANNING AND DESIGN

Thursday 15th of January

Keynote Lecture

  • Prof. Itzhak Benenson, We cannot forecast the future, but who cares? Determinism of parts versus indeterminism of a whole in the era of big data


Session 1. Urban evolution: rules, patterns and codes in complex cities

  • Mee, Alan: Complex adaptive spatial systems for urban design
  • Coquillat, Pablo: Evolutionary Theory of Urban Change
  • Kuecker, Glen: New Songdo City: A Case Study in Complexity Thinking and Ubiquitous Urban Design



Friday 16th of January

Session 2. Complexity and planning 1: comprehensive reviews

  • De Roo, Gert: 'Post-policy, collectives and the virtual'
  • Partanen Jenni: Complexity: Epistemological review
  • Rantanen, Annuska: Exploring a pattern based design tool to increase the resilience of retail in digitalised cities: conceptual guidelines


Session 3. Virtual cities meet corporeal urban space: interconnected digital/physical webs Deni, Suleiman: Virtual communities and patterns of social internations in the ‘Tech City’

  • Unalan, Dilek: Digitalization of Cities from Semiotic Coevolutionary Perspective
  • Saleh, Mohamed: Unfolding the Story: Informal Communities Thriving by Self-Organization throughout the Egyptian Revolution


Session 4. Virtual platforms in planning - digitalization and new methods of participation

Devish, Oswald; Jeremiah Diephuis, Katharina Gugerell, Martin Berger and Martina Jauschneg: Game Mechanics for Civic Participation in Digitized Cities

Senugpta, Ulysses: Participation, Governance & Resilience in the Age of Big Data Silva, Paulo: Participatory processes and digital platforms – towards a more effective way to deal with cities’

Session 5. Complexity and planning 2: computerized urban design tools and applications

  • Iltanen, Sanna: Planning spontaneous patterns
  • BaƔlik, Seher: A simulation model based upon land ownership pattern: the case of Istanbul
  • Österlund, Toni: Non-linear Adaptive Lighting Control - Methods for designing and controlling non-linear adaptive lighting using network-based agents


Reflection on the workshop: conclusions, discussion and future plans