16th and 17th of November the 10th meeting of the Thematic Group on Complexity and Planning was held in Groningen, The Netherlands. The theme of the event was ‘Complexity and the collaborative reationale to planning’. A keynote presentation was given by prof Judith Innes, Berkeley University, US. The event was hosted by the Department of Spatial Planning & Environment, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen.



Key Note prof. Judith Innes: Regional Sustainability Through Networks: A Complex Systems Perspective

Friday, 16th November 2012

Opening of the conference - Ward Rauws

Spatial Planning and the Collaborative Rationale - prof Gert de Roo

Toward an evolutionary approach to understanding the role of design in development planning - Matthew Cook, Ward Rauws, Jeffrey Johnson

Complexity and knowledge building - Helena Farrall, Lia Vasconcelos

Concrete Machines: Collective Decision-Making Processes in Complex Planning Situations as Practices of "Closure" - Matthias Loepfe  [No video available]

Scarcity, actions and goals (SAG): A conceptual tool to address complexity and foster collaboration - Lauri Lithmaa

Managing complexity: The collaborative rationale and strategic discourses discussed by the example of the German energy turnaround - Marian Günzel & Christian Lamker

Conceptual Framework for New Thinking in Planning (perceiving planning, defining planning?) - Iza Mironowicz

Stimulating quality of place: governing tensions between robustness and flexibility - Stefan Hartman

Lock-in situations in planning: the role of law and property rights - Thomas Hartmann, Barrie Needham

Vitality in complex regional water systems - Jurian Edelenbos, Ingmar van Meerkerk, Corniel van Leeuwen

Translational self-organization: a way out of the participatory planning paradox? - Beitske Boonstra

Public private partnership, a collaborative approach seen in the light of complexity thinking - Frits Verhees

Understanding the role of institutions in self-organizing cities - Zhang Shuhai, Ward Rauws


Saturday, 17th November 2012

Planning with complexity - An introduction to Collaborative Rationality for Public Policy - David Booher, Judith E. Innes (The discussion after the presentation)

Planning paradigms, between pre-conditions and forecasts - plans, actors and time - Paolo Silva

Reflecting on Complexity in Planing; a Post-Contingency approach - Christian Zuidema

Coalition Planning: Collaboration of the interface of institutions and the emergence of institutional frames in the transition towards self-organising processes - Martine de Jong

Complex planning practice in blooming mining communities in Northern Sweden - Kristina L. Nilsson

Loose Fit: a spatio-temporal approach to incorporating bottom up behaviours - Ulysses Sengupta, Eric Cheung, Ben Minton, Jonathan Pick, James Rixon

Strategic governance and planning as a fractal - Lucia Dobrucka [no video available]

Explaining space-filling efficiency in populated cities using urban explainatory variables - G. Erdogan, K.M. Cubukcu