The AESOP thematic group on Ethics, Values and Planning is searching for candidates who would like to contribute to the growth and success of the network (247 subscriptions to the mailing list). Like every organisation, we need to adapt and evolve to guarantee our long-term survival. Therefore, we want to strengthen the coordination team by including new forces and ideas.


Scope of the thematic group

The TG aims to facilitate lively debates on relevant ethical urban planning issues. It organises colloquiums and annual conferences, and provides an open space for members to initiate debates and workshops.

The TG addresses (mainly) three main themes:

  • the interrelation between social/urban justice and spatial governance/design/configurations (this includes, for example, distributive issues, access to resources, freedom of initiative, etc.);
  • how to operationalise values in urban design and planning interventions;
  • the exploration of different types of ethical approaches.


Possible profiles

  • "Senior" scholars/researchers with longstanding experience and interests in the field of ethics, justice and planning;
  • "Young" scholars/researchers (e.g. Post-docs and PhD candidates) exploring important ethical questions willing to consolidate and expand their knowledge.
  • Students with a strong passion and commitment to urban ethical issues (e.g. students willing to apply for PhD positions).

Important requirements/info

  • Within the values of AESOP, this thematic group acknowledges and welcomes the co-presence of different ethical perspectives and different ideas of justice. Respect, pluralism, tolerance and constructive dialogues are essential.
  • The TG aims at serious discussions combining the power of logic and individual values. Solid scientific methods will always be favoured over dogmas and ideologically blinded and biased conversations.
  • All the TG's activities are based on voluntary work. This commitment entails sacrifices beyond the regular working hours but pays back with enormous benefits in terms of academic/knowledge development and networking at the European and non-European levels.


How to apply

Send an e-mail until September 25 to stefano.cozzolino(at) with:

  • A short CV or your professional links (e.g., LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Google Scholar, etc.)
  • A couple of sentences to present yourself and motivate your interest.


Recent activities of the TG

 Colloquium series 2021

  1. "If neoliberalism is everything, maybe it is nothing" with prof. Edwin Buitelaar, February 24
  2. "Our curious silence about kindness" prof.dr. John Forester, March 24
  3. "Revisiting the concept of the 'just city' with prof. Stefano Moroni, April 21
  4. "Back to normality or perpetual threat? Exploring scenarios of future urban life and planning", May 26
  5. "Overcoming the false dichotomy between procedural and distributive justice" with Ali Madanipour, Sabine Weck and Peter Schmitt, October 13
  6. "Human Dignity in Planning" with Ben Davy, November 23

Open space events 2021

"What are AESOP's shared values?", June 8

Participants in the panel discussion:

  • Rachelle Alterman (Technion Israel Institute of Technology and Neaman Institute for National Policy Research - AESOP Honorary Member)
  • Claudia Basta (PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency)
  • Tijana Dabovic (University of Belgrade)
  • Pinar Dörder (Technical University of Darmstadt – Chair of YA Coordination Team)
  • Francesco Lo Piccolo (University of Palermo)
  • Izabela Mironowicz (Gdansk University of Technology)
  • Paulo Silva (University of Aveiro)


Annual (internal) conference organisation (Online)

Operationalising the Just City - 24 and 25 February 2022

  • 48 participants

Annual AESOP congress – 25-29 July 2022 (Tartu, Estonia)

  • Track 9: SPATIALITIES: Making and unmaking spatial inequalities (10 sessions)