The Sustainable Food Planning Thematic Group has published an elaborate report of the first five years of its existence. Check the News Section of disP vol. 50(2014) no. 4, pp. 78-82.  

Box 1: Overview of the conferences of   the AESOP Sustainable Food Planning Thematic Group

City, venue and organizer



Number of attendants

Selection of key-note speakers

Almere (NL), De Kemphaan,   ISOMUL/Wageningen University

October, 9   and 10, 2009

Sustainable   Food Planning. Subthemes: urban  and   peri-urban agriculture, food and public spaces, the territorial dimension of   food, municipal food strategy


Han Wiskerke, Henk de Zeeuw, Gianluca   Brunori, Roberta Sonnino, Nevin Cohen, Jerry Kaufman

Brighton (UK),   University of Brighton, Grand Parade, College of Arts and Humanities

October 29   and 30, 2010

Sustainable Food   Planning. Subthemes: Urban Agriculture; Integrating Health, Environment and   Society; Food in Urban Design and Planning; Governance


Tim Lang, June Komisar, Joe Nasr,   Carolyn Steel

Cardiff (UK),   School of City and Regional Planning, Cardiff University

October 28   and 29, 2011

Sustainable   Food Planning. Subthemes: Urban Agriculture; Urban-Rural Linkages; Community   Food Strategies; Urban Food Strategies


Kevin Morgan, Terry Marsden, Han   Wiskerke

Berlin (G), Evangelische Kirche,   Institut für Landschaftsarchitektur und Umweltplanung, TU Berlin

November 1 -   3,2012

Changing Food   Systems in an Urban World. Subthemes: Places, Processes, Products.


Friedrich von   Borries, Maria Gerster-Bentaya, Claire Devereaux

Montpellier   (F), Agropolis, INRA/CIRAD

October 28   and 29, 2013

Innovations   in Urban Food Systems. Subthemes:


Nik Heynen, Marielle Dubbeling, Mary   Njenga, Paule Moustier, Robert Gottlieb

Leeuwarden   (NL),  Grand Hotel Post Plaza, VHL   Larenstein University of Applied Sciences

November 5 -   7, 2014

Find Space   for Productive Cities. Subthemes: Spatial Design, Urban Planning, Governance,   Entrepreneurship, Environmental Flows/Circular Economy, Health, Social   Innovation, Local Initiatives, Extraordinary Ideas.


Greg Keeffe, Guido Santini, Dan   Kinkead, Andre Viljoen