Conference program 

The workshop was hosted by the Department of Spatial Planning and Environment, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen, the Netherlands. The workshop took place on May 23th-25th, 2018.

The conference included:

  • four keynote speakers
  • 25 inspiring talks
  • 3 workshops

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Day 1 - Wednesday 23 May 2018


10:00                      Registration with coffee (Room: Atrium) 

10:30                      Opening by Fleur Gräper - Deputy Province of Groningen (Room: Atrium)

10:45                      Welcome by Ward Rauws + Hello Game (Room: Atrium)

11:40                      Keynote Prof. Michael Batty (Room: Topweer)

12:40                      Lunch (Room: Topweer)

13:30                      Energizer (Room: Topweer)

13:45                      Parallel sessions

Understanding complexity: fitness landscapes, organized complexity, and fractals (Room: Boerdam / Format: Carrousel setup)
Session Chair: Ines Portugal

Authors: Stephen Marshall and Nick Green
Title: Measuring and mapping organized complexity 
Discussant: Solon Soloumou
Authors: Lasse Gerrits and Peter Marks
Title: UNCODE: a model and tool to map, analyze and visualize planning processes
Discussant: Sharon Zivkovic
Navigating complexity: governance, decision-making, and conditions (Room: Topweer / Format: Carrousel setup)
Session Chair: Stefan Verweij
Authors: Jean-Marie Buijs, Luuk Boelens, Helge Bormann, Britta Restemeyer, Teun Terpstra and Tom van der Voorn
Title: Adaptive planning for flood resilient areas: dealing with complexity in decision-making about multilayered flood risk management
Discussant: Stefan Hartman

Authors: Hans Bil and Geert Teisman
Title: Elaborating complexification: an emerging practice in which governments modestly enhance the complexity of decision-making in order to deal more effectively with societal issues
Discussant: Angelique Chettiparamb 
Author: Christian Zuidema
Title: Conditioning the spatial integration of renewable energy
Discussant: Christian Lamker


15:15                  Coffee break (Room: Topweer)

15:30                  Mini-workshop: Adaptive planning - Ward Rauws (Room: Topweer)

16:15                  Coffee break (Room: Topweer)

16:30                  Parallel sessions 

Understanding complexity: simulation, scenario's and uncertainty (Room: Boerdam / Format: Classic Setup)
Session Chair: Ulysses Sengupta

Authors: Solon Soloumou, Ulysses Sengupta and Robert Hyde
Title: A strategic planning problem: examining the unpredictability of urban transformation based on the changing temporal order of planned projects
Discussant: Stephen Marshall

Authors: Bart Rijken, Edwin Buitelaar and Lianne van Duinen
Title: Brownfield development in the light of great housing demand. Building feasibility scenarios in a complex and politicized environment.
Discussant: Mariëlle Prins
Authors: Javier Ruiz Sánchez and Íñigo Lorente Riverola
Title: Planning for uncertainty: adaptive urban planning and LBS location-based-services
Discussant: Jean-Marie Buijs

Understanding complexity: political dynamics & planners’ roles 
(Room: Topweer / Format: Classic setup)
Session Chair: Robin Chang

Author: Nils Björling
Title: Ecologies: politicizing complex adaptive systems
Discussant: Beitske Boonstra

Author: Christian Lamker
Title: Rethinking planning processes as role-systems – puzzling towards playful spaces of transformation
Discussant: Camilla Perrone

Authors: Jasper Meekes, Dorina Buda and Gert de Roo
Title: Lessons from complexity: theoretical implications for planning based on the study of leisure-led regional development
Discussant: Ines Portugal

18:00                  Drinks (Land van Kokanje, Bar Bubbels) 

Day 2 - Thursday 24 May 2018

09:00                  Parallel sessions                    

Navigating complexity: uncertainty, rationality and planning innovation (Room: Boerdam / Format: Carrousel setup)
Session Chair: Nils Björling

Author: Angelique Chettiparamb
Title: Responding to a Complex World: Explorations in spatial planning
Discussant: Christian Zuidema

Authors: Mark Zandvoort and Maarten van der Vlist
Title: Planning for infrastructure replacement strategies under uncertainty 
Discussant: Javier Ruiz Sánchez

Authors: Camilla Perrone and Gert de Roo
Title: Planning and rationality: a multi layered perspective
Discussant: David Andersson
Navigating complexity: social innovation & living labs (Room: Topweer / Format: Carrousel setup)
Session Chair: Beitske Boonstra

Author: Sharon Zivkovic
Title: Systemic Innovation Labs: A lab approach for addressing wicked problems
Discussant: Sharon Wohl

Authors: Emma Puerari and Timo von Wirth
Title: Urban living labs as local transition experiments: a new way of navigation spatial transformations?
Discussant: Mohamed Saleh

Author: Mariëlle Prins
Landing airports. Analysing the transformation of airport areas.
Discussant: Bart Rijke

10:30                      Coffee break (Room: Topweer)

11:00                      Keynote Prof. Juval Portugali (Room: Topweer)

12:00                      Lunch break (Room: Topweer)

13:00                      Energizer (Room: Topweer)

13:15-16:15            Workshop with the Province of Groningen (Room: Topweer)

19:00                      Dinner (‘t Feithuis)

Day 3 - Friday 25 May 2018

09:00                  Parallel sessions (Topweer and Boerdam)

Navigating complexity: Self-organization, ruptures and Intermediaries (Room: Boerdam / Format: Carrousel setup)
Session Chair: Christian Lamker

Author: Sharon Wohl
Title: Boosting transformative capacity: cultivating affordances within the apparatus of self-organizing urban spaces
Discussant: Stefan Verweij

Author: Mohamed Saleh
Title: Rethinking planning’s perspective on urban ruptures: the contextual tensions of post-politics in Egypt as illustrative case 
Discussant: Nils Björling

Author: Beitske Boonstra
Title: Unplanned or other planned – spatial planning, self-organization and intentionality during the 2015-2016 European refugee crisis
Discussant: Emma Puerari

Tweaking complexity: behavioral rules and enabling structures (Room: Topweer / Format: Carrousel setup)
Session Chair: Camilla Perrone

Authors: David Emanuel Andersson, Fred Folvary and Luca Minola
Title: Fiscal principles for the self-organizing city
Discussant: Peter Marks

Author: Koen Bandsma
Title: Nudging the self-organization process: under which conditions do urban planners perceive nudging an effective instrument to guide processes of self-organization
Discussant: Mark Zandvoort

Authors: Eric Cheung and Ulysses Sengupta
Title: Enabling sustainable mobility: an ICT approach to enabling landscapes for bottom-up processes
Discussant: Claudia Yamu

10:30                      Coffee break (Room: Topweer)

11:00                      Duo-keynote Prof. Jean Hillier & Prof. Gert de Roo (Room: Topweer)

12:30                      Lunch break (Room: Topweer)

13:30                      Parallel sessions

Navigating complexity: Temporal Use, Tourism and Adaptive Walks  (Room: Topweer / Format: Classic Setup)
Session Chair: Emma Puerari

Author: Robin Chang
Title: Conceptualizing temporary use with critical complexity
Discussant: Hans Bil

Author: Ines Portugal
Title: Moving beyond a reductionist approach: Potential for Agent-based modelling and Cellular Automata applications in tourism planning
Discussant: Jasper Meekes


14:30                   Coffee & Closing (Room: Topweer)

15:00                   End