City+, an urban studies research network led by early career researchers, is organizing annual international conferences for early career researchers and PhD students on urban studies. The first event, City+ 2017 @ Cambridge, was launched at University of Cambridge, followed by City+ 2018 @ London at University College London and City+ 2019 @ Delft at Delft University of Technology. To date, our conferences have attracted approximately 260 delegates coming from a number of universities and organizations and from Asia, Europe and North America, demonstrating the conference’s potentional to become a good platform to share research experiences, provide cooperation opportunities and address increasingly complex urban concerns from mulple perspectives.

Our forthcoming conference, City+ 2021 @ Milan, will be held on October 30, 2021 at Polytechnic University of Milan, a leading Italian research university situating in the historical city with architectural heritage, as well as fostering technologies and innovations. The Conference is held by the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU), by the organizers with diverse backgrounds from its three Ph.D. Programs: Urban Planning, Design and Policy (UPDP), Preservation of the Architectural Heritage (PAH), and Architectural, Urban and Interior Design (AUID).

Within the theme “Modeling a Resilient and Smart Urban Life”, this conference aims to demonstrate the different aspects of modeling in urban studies.