Exploring embodied cognition and using biometrics in urban planning

Guest theme editor: Justin B. Hollander, PhD, Tufts University, USA

Planning Practice and Research, Routledge

This special issue of PPR will explore the implications of ‘embodied cognition’, cognitive architecture, biology, and evolution, as well as new research methods and techniques for using biometrics in urban planning, architecture, and landscape architecture. The first Urban Experience and Design (Ux+Design/2019) conference attracted speakers from across the globe and papers were published in the 2021 book: Urban Experience and Design: Contemporary Perspectives on Improving the Public Realm (https://www.routledge.com/Urban-Experience-and-Design-Contemporary-Perspectives-on-Improving-the/Hollander-Sussman/p/book/9780367435554). This Special Issue will include papers presented as part of Ux+Design/2023 to be held in April 2023 in Boston, USA, as well as papers submitted through this Call for Papers.

Today, the design professions and their academic counterparts find themselves in the midst of a historic transition, which in a first, provides a scientific foundation for their disciplines. Neuroscience, evolutionary biology, and psychology, coupled with powerful new biometric tools able to measure the human experience of place, provide new information and methods for understanding, creating and assessing architecture and urban spaces.

The special issue will bring together papers from creative thinkers from around the world who are advancing knowledge in these areas, helping to shape a new kind of design practice, one that embraces the unconscious responses we have to external stimuli and is evidence-based.

Please submit a 200-word max. abstract and explanation of the type of paper proposed by 1 February 2023 Professor Justin Hollander: <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The PPR Editor will respond to submitted abstracts by the end of April 2023 and invite the submission of full papers to be submitted by 1 October 2023.