TeMA Special Issue (2023) What transition for cities? Scientific debate, research, approaches and good practices


The current challenges (climate change, pandemic, social divide, lack of resources, economic crisis, population ageing, depopulation of inland areas) affecting cities require a global renewal of methodologies, approaches, tools, policies and behaviours, calling into action all urban actors (planners, decision-makers, investors, city-users, citizens). The convergence point identified as a possible solution, both in the academic and political spheres, refers to the "transition" towards more sustainable, resilient and compatible management, governance and use of cities. With this input being accepted, TeMA Journal aims to investigate possible scenarios of urban transition inviting scholars, professionals, technicians, and urban actors to present contributions that address the following topics:

  • transitions in methods and approaches particularly concerning
    • transport-territory integration
    • roles of planners and experimental governance
    • assessment of impacts on the organization of urban and regional systems
    • 15 minutes-city
    • urban accessibility to goods and services
    • ageing of the population
    • research scenarios for resilience and sustainability appliance
  • transitions related to digital technological innovations particularly concerning
    • urban digital twin
    • smart city
    • augmented reality applications for urban planning
    • participation and Big Data
  • environmental transition with particularly concerning
    • best practices in applying the principles of resilience and sustainability
    • mitigation and adaptation to climate change in the urban environment
    • requirements and challenges for the creation of sustainable green cities
    • optimization of energy consumption in urban areas
    • sustainable and responsible cities and ways of use
    • overtourism
    • post Covid-19 city
    • healthy cities
    • optimization of energy consumption

The call for contributions for this Special Issue, also in a critical/provocative key, aims to delve into the state of art regarding a goal/challenge (the transition) that risks being a new “label” hard to define and implement.

Submission deadline

30th June 2023

Guest editor

Rosa Anna La Rocca

Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, University of Naples Federico II, Italy.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


submission: http://www.serena.unina.it/index.php/tema/announcement/view/139