Sensing the City: tracing complex urban patterns and their implications for urban governance
22-23 July 2022, Tallinn, Estonia

Cities are at the midst a revolution fueled by so-called smartification and digitalization of the urban. Myriads of ubiquitous, bundled digital systems impact profoundly the ways we use, adapt and transform the city. Processing these heterogenous and geographically distributed sources of data with help of advanced data analytics shows great potential for fine grain understandings of urban change. Meanwhile, more creative, art-based methods for tracing urban change, such as deep mapping, storytelling and spatial narratives, should not be put aside.

The workshop aims to explore and critically discuss various ways of Sensing the City and how it can enable planners, decision makings and others involved in shaping the city to better understand the dynamics of complex urban patterns.

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Deadline for abstract submission is 2nd of February 2022