HANGING CITIES V: Spatial, Design, Landscape, Heritage and Socio-Economic dimensions, 20-25 June 2022, Corfu Island, Greece. In the hope that COVID ’19 pandemic will be overcome by spring 2022, the 5th Changing Cities international conference will take place in Corfu Island, Greece, 20-25 June 2022. The conference is organized by UNIVERSITY OF THESSALY, Lab of urban Morphology and Design, Department of Planning & Regional Development, Volos, Greece, in co-organisation with Ionian University, Department of History, Corfu, Greece.

In the framework of pandemic difficulties witnessed by all of us in cities, the main conference theme is devoted to “Making our Cities Resilient in times of pandemics”. As always, other conference thematic axis focus on cities in terms of spatial organisation, planning and design, urban renewal, redevelopment regeneration, urban landscape, management of cultural and built heritage, urban economies, and societal issues. The cultural activities include one-day cruise to Paxos island close to Corfu Island. All conference information will be uploaded on the conference website https://changingcities.prd.uth.gr/cc/index.phpwhich is under construction. Please stay tuned!!

We promise to organize a creative, big international academic event! We invite you all and we look forward meeting you all in Corfu!

Prof. Aspa Gospodini Chair of The Organising Committee of CC series of international conferences.