CALL FOR PAPERS: Papers are invited for a one-day symposium on the topic of marine spatial planning (MSP), to be held in Sheffield, UK, on 21st May 2010.  The symposium will bring together academics and others involved in this emergent field, in the UK and other European countries, to present and discuss current work and to set directions for future research. MSP is emerging as a new approach to marine governance, as a response to growing pressures on the seas and increasing environmental damage, and reflecting growing territorialisation of the seas following developments in international maritime law.  Although potential contributors are free to propose their own topics, the organisers may choose to focus on some of the following questions: What are the conceptual roots of MSP? How does MSP relate to contemporary notions of spatial planning? What type of planning do we need for the seas? How should marine space be conceptualised? What kind of participation is needed for MSP? What is to be learnt from emerging MSP practice? What are the prevailing interests at work in the shaping of marine plans? How should MSP and terrestrial planning relate to one another? Can planning for the land learn from planning for the sea? Contact Dr This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.