Recent issues

* 72(1) Responsibilities of theorists: the case of communicative planning theory. Tore Sager
* 72(2) Dwelling in the metropolis: reformed urban blocks 1890–1940 as a model for the sustainable compact city. Wolfgang Sonne
* 72(3) ‘The planned city sweeps the poor away…’: urban planning and 21st century urbanisation. Vanessa Watson
* 72(4) Special issue: Shaken, shrinking, hot, impoverished and informal: emerging research agendas in planning. Hilda Blanco and Marina Alberti (guest editors),  Robert Olshansky, Stephanie Chang, Stephen M. Wheeler, John Randolph, James B. London, Justin B. Hollander, Karina M. Pallagst, Terry Schwarz, Frank J. Popper, Susan Parnell, Edgar Pieterse, Vanessa Watson

Forthcoming issue

* 73(1) Special issue: Governing global city regions in China and the West. Ronald K. Vogel (guest editor), H. V. Savitch, Jiang Xu, Anthony G. O. Yeh, Weiping Wu, Andrew Sancton, Paul Kantor, Peter Newman, Takashi Tsukamoto, Peter T. Y. Cheung, Jianfa Shen, Fulong Wu, Fangzhu Zhang

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