Deadline 20/04/2011
TeMA, focuses on the relationships among Land Use Planning, Mobility and Environment. The next issue of TeMA Journal “Green Mobility” invites articles focused on strategies and actions targeted to re-address transport policies toward sustainability, in European,  national and urban contexts, in order to guarantee an overall mobility growth and, in the meanwhile, a significant reduction of its environmental costs. In detail, with reference to the different means of mobility (road, rail, air mobility) and their environmental costs (energy consumption, pollution, etc.), the following subjects will be in-depth investigated:

* effectiveness of the strategies implemented by the European Union, with particular reference to the contents of The White Paper “European Transport Policy for 2010” issued in 2001, which provided measures for achieving a more sustainable mobility;
* policies and measures adopted in single national contexts to reduce the environmental costs related to the different means of transport;
* successful initiatives and practices targeted to implement the principles of sustainable mobility implemented in different urban contexts both at European and international level.

Further details on the topic, instructions for abstract submission and information on the review process are available on the TeMA website (Section Announcements).