Deadline 20/02/2011
TeMA, focuses on the relationships among Land Use Planning, Mobility and Environment. The next issue of TeMA Journal “Great Events: Italian Unification and mobility” invites articles aimed at investigating the state of mobility systems in Italy according to a historical perspective. The Italian Unification was a relevant opportunity for deeply influencing several sectors, among which the infrastructure one. In detail, the strong territorial divisions in the peninsula induced: a network development mostly inside the different states, the lack of modern axes connecting the different states and, finally, different technical and building characteristics both for road and railway network. In particular, this issue will focus on the following aspects:

* the state of the network systems at the moment of the Unification;
* the development of rail and road networks from the Unification till now;
* the strategic choice of the second postwar period: road mobility;
* the territories and different concentration of infrastructure;
* the development of air and sea mobility;
* the future development of mobility networks and the great infrastructure projects

Further details on the topic, instructions for abstract submission and information on the review process are available on the TeMA website (Section Call for papers).