Deadline 15/12/2008
The issue is intended as a follow-up to a special issue of Journal of Environmental Planning and Management (2007, vol. 50 no. 5) and the book Green belts in the 21st Century (2008, Ashgate). We particularly encourage new and emerging scholars and those who bring an alternative or international perspective to green belts. We are specifically interested in themes that address the following areas among others:

* green belts, coastal communities and the role of climate change
* community initiated, managed and planned green belts
* sustainability and green belts
* National parks as green belts
* sprawl and green belts
* green belt alternatives

The final deadline for submission to the special issue is the end of March 2009, with publication expected at the beginning of 2010.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a 300 word abstract  by 15th of December.
Further information on the acceptable format for publication in PPR