A special theme edition of Planning Practice and Research on International Comparative Planning Methodology (Edition 27.1) is now available on the PPR website:
The contents are
International Comparative Planning Methodology: Introduction to the Theme Issue
Vincent Nadin
Comparing Spatial Planning Practice in Europe: A Plea for Cultural Sensitization
Mario Reimer & Hans H. Blotevogel
Comparing Spatial Planning Systems and Planning Cultures in Europe: The Need for a Multi-scalar Approach
Panagiotis Getimis
The Social Construction of Planning Systems: A Strategic-Relational Institutionalist Approach
Loris Antonio Servillo & Pieter Van den Broeck
Planning Systems as Institutional Technologies: a Proposed Conceptualization and the Implications for Comparison
Umberto Janin Rivolin
Framing Cultures of Spatial Planning
Huib Ernste
Best Practices and Policy Transfer in Spatial Planning
Dominic Stead
The Europeanization of National Planning: Explaining the Causes and the Potentials of Change
Georgia Giannakourou
Europeanization and Changing Planning in East-Central Europe: An Easterner’s View
Karel Maier