The Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space (SKuOR) at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning of Vienna University of Technology, Austria, has recently launched a Call for Interests regarding two short-term City of Vienna Visiting Professorship vacancies offered to deal with the annual topic 2010 ’Urban culture, public space and the state – Politics and planning’ in Vienna. The call is addressed to two experts, one being rooted in the field of Know How (spatial planning/ spatial design, or similiar), the other one in the field of Know Why (urban studies, or similar). Both luminaries are thought to work together as an academic team consisting of one junior and one senior professor. In close cooperation with the direction of the SKuOR, this team will develop its focus at the interface between theory and practice to foster creative methods and a constructive understanding towards more explorative and innovative approaches in spatial research and spatial planning. This group of scholars consisting of both City of Vienna Visiting Professors and the local SKuOR team will develop and realize a joint annual programme as regards research, teaching and academic networking for the academic year 2010 (1st March 2010 bis 28th February 2011) in the combinedthematic fields of urban culture and public space.
Contact : Dr. des. Sabine Knierbein, Head of the Interdiscplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space.
Further information :  SKuOR’s website