The Graduate school, URBAN-Grad, at the Technical University Darmstadt offers ten PhD-scholarships on “International and Comparative Urban Research”. The successful applicants should hold a diploma or master degree in the fields of social sciences, economics, or humanities, science, or applied sciences, architecture or urban planning. It is sought after Phd projects related to the following topics: Theories and Methods of comparative urban research, The Intrinsic Logic of Cities, Urban Environments and Sustainability, Local Knowledge and Urban Planning The Graduate School of Urban Studies is part of the Darmstadt research unit “Urban Research”, aiming at investigating the intrinsic logic of cities and focussing on comparative research designs. Disserations can be in English or German; working language will be German.
Please send applications (CV, degrees received, outline of Phd-project) to:
URBAN-Grad - Graduate School of Urban Studies - Technische Universität Darmstadt - Prof. Dr. H. Berking - Institut für Soziologie - Residenzschloss - D-64283 Darmstadt