The Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft is looking for a full professor to take up the chair in Restoration and Intervention. The chair in Restoration and Intervention focuses on the task of incorporating the existing quality and cultural-historical values of the built environment in current design tasks and issues concerning conversion, continued use and heritage conservation. In education and research, the design aspects are approached from the historical and spatial context, ranging from an existing building to a cultural landscape. For this, it is necessary to possess knowledge of the history of architecture, building and settlements, in addition to knowledge of materials and techniques and modern design, in order to be able to combine old and new successfully.

The chair is directed at the acquisition, development and transfer of knowledge relating to intervention in the existing built environment that has been ascribed social, architectural or cultural-historical value. Central in this is the building level. The area of science and application covers both the theory formulation of interventions (restoration, conversion, redevelopment), the design practice, the reflection on the position of the architect in the heritage debate, and technical innovation within the specialisation. The holder of the chair is able to combine ‘hard’ technique (science) with the ‘soft’ sides of architectural and cultural history (humanities).

We are seeking for an experienced and lauded architect, team player and networker, with a recognised academic record, in principle holding a PhD and available for three or four days a week. We are looking for a person with relevant experience and a broad array of skills. The candidate has preferably been educated as an architect and has achieved recognition either in architectural practice or in scientific research. Above all, we are looking for the right person, someone who can represent the RMIT section as a professor with overall responsibility with passion and an open attitude. In order to meet the demands of the chair, the following requirements can be made: the candidate is 1) an inspirational lecturer, 2) a creative researcher, 3) an involved team leader and 4) the standard-bearer for RMIT, both within the faculty and beyond it. It is expected that the candidate has experience in all of these points and excels in the field of either design or research.

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