A call is now open for applications for four open subject positions (of which three fully funded with scholarships) in the PhD programme of Urban Planning, Design and Policy (39th PhD cycle) at Politecnico di Milano. All scholarships cover three years of study and research starting from September 2023. 

The PhD programme in Urban planning, design and policy aims to explore the impact of contemporary urban change and understand how it can be governed through planning, design and policy-making activities. The programme focuses on territorial, social, economic and institutional transformations in contemporary cities. It aims at addressing the latter as a complex of intertwined phenomena, which calls for new governance, planning and design approaches. By fostering a dialogue with the best international schools, this programme is the place for research and innovative approaches to urban studies, spatial planning and urban design. PhD candidates are encouraged to reflect upon traditional and innovative practices in these fields by participating in research activities concerning cities and regions, and paying attention to international comparison. This approach is fostered through the organization of international seminars and an internship period at one of the research institutes, universities or public agencies that make up the international network of the programme.

The application for admission to the competition and related attached documentation must be drawn up and entered exclusively in digital form by 26th May 2023, 02 PM (Italian Time C.E.T.). Information about the application procedure, required qualifications and conditions of employment is available at: https://www.dottorato.polimi.it/en/prospective-phd-candidates/calls-and-regulations/39-cycle/39th-cycle-phdcall-2023-24-starting-september-2023