PhD Program in Spatial Planning & Urban Development at DIAP (Dipartimento di Architettura e Pianificazione) Politecnico di Milano

Chair: Prof. Costanzo Ranci

The PhD Program in Spatial Planning & Urban Development is addressed to international and Italian students, and is fully taught in English.

Focused upon research, this three year program is intended to establish a dialogue with the experiences of the best European and International PhD programs in planning, urban policies and design, urban studies.

The program is based upon the inter-disciplinary approach of Milan Polytechnic to design and territorial analysis.

The main courses and workshops are focused on the following topics:

  1. Cities in globalisation: The processes of radical transformation of contemporary cities are explored through a comparative approach, with specific attention to new global developing cities and to European cities. The main issues addressed are the social, economic and territorial transformations that have been taking place in cities over the last two decades as a consequence of the globalisation process; the governance issue in fast growing cities; the economic and technological change that cities are facing.

  2. Planning theory: Different planning fields are explored through a critical and comparative pproach. The main issues addressed are: paradigms, traditions and innovations in planning theory; spatial and land use planning, as related to citizenship and justice; comparative studies about planning systems; the relationship between planning theory and practice; visioning and strategic dimensions in planning, policies and projects.

  3. Urban and territorial policies: Sector policies and their relationships with the problems of overnance and government are analysed through a comparative approach. The envisaged policies are: welfare and cohesion, land use, mobility and infrastructures, environmental quality and housing.

Having a strong international orientation, the Program meets the demand for researchers who are skilled users of analytical approaches to urban problems, as well as to planning, management and implementation of urban policies. Doctors with such skills could be employed by Italian and international academic institutions, public bodies and research centres.

Academic board: Alessandro Balducci, Stefano Boeri, Massimo Bricocoli, Grazia Concilio, Remo Dorigati, Valeria Fedeli, Giovanna Fossa, Luca Gaeta, Ilaria Mariotti, Luigi Mazza, Scira Menoni, Corinna Morandi, Stefano Moroni, Gabriele Pasqui, Marco Ponti, Davide Ponzini, Costanzo Ranci, Andrea Rolando

Advisory board: Louis Albrecht, Piero Bassetti, Luca Bertolini, John Forester, Robin Hambleton, Klaus Kunzmann

Scholarships: Three scholarships are granted to students to be enrolled in 2012.

ContactsDr. Luca Gaeta Department of Architecture and Planning, POLITECNICO DI MILANO Telephone: +39-0223995426 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The deadline to submit online applications is the 25th of May.