The Centre for Urban and Regional Studies (YTK) at the Helsinki University of Technology (TKK)
The Summer School will be organised in close cooperation with the cities of Turku and Jyväskylä, where the active field work of the course will take place. The first days of the course will be spent in the Helsinki region. This part of the course consists of lectures and excursions. The core of the Summer School is the following ten days of workshops taking place in the partner cities. The field work is based on actual town planning tasks. Participants will be assigned to analyse the existing conditions of planning areas and to suggest innovative and realistic improvements to the environments.
This year’s theme will be “Mapping Urban Space - Alternative Strategies for Emergent Urban Forms”. The course will concentrate on one hand on alternative mapping of urban resources and on the other hand on alternative planning instruments. The lectures as well as the given projects will reflect the theme. Summer School also provides the participants with an opportunity to publish their writings in an official publication. The annual publication includes articles and essays written by the participants as well as summaries of the projects produced in the workshops. The YTK/IFHP Summer School entitles participants five ECTS study credits.