Carlos Nunes Silva (ed.) (2015). Urban Planning in Lusophone African Countries. Farnham: Ashgate, 243 pages (ISBN: 978-1-4724-4487-5)

Introduction, Carlos Nunes Silva.
Part I
Colonial Urban Planning in Lusophone African Countries: Colonial urban planning in Lusophone African countries: a comparison with other colonial planning cultures, Carlos Nunes Silva;
The city under the First Republic in the former Portuguese Africa, Ana Vaz Milheiro;
Empire, image and power during the Estado Novo period: colonial urban planning in Angola and Mozambique, Ana Tostões and Jessica Bonito;
The Plano de Urbanização da Cidade de Luanda by Étienne de Groër and David Moreira da Silva (1941-1943), Teresa Marat-Mendes and Mafalda Teixeira de Sampayo;
Modern colonial: the urban-architectural laboratory of Luanda, Inês Lima Rodrigues;
The Prenda district in Luanda: building on top of the colonial city, Filipa Fiúza and Ana Vaz Milheiro;
The growth of Lourenço Marques at the turn of the nineteenth century: urbanization, environment and sanitation, Ana Cristina Roque;
A ‘high degree of civilization’: colonial urbanism and the ‘civilizing mission’ in a southern Mozambique district, Pedro Pombo.

Part II
Postcolonial Urban Planning in Lusophone African Countries: Postcolonial urban planning in Lusophone African countries: spatial planning systems in Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique, Carlos Nunes Silva;
Urban planning in Angola in the postcolonial period: from theory to practice - a critical perspective, Carlos Miguel Guimarães, Sofia Valente and Frederico Costa Leite;
Questioning the urban form: Maputo and Luanda, Fabio Vanin;
Postcolonial transformation of the city of Maputo: its urban form as the result of physical planning and urban self-organization, David Leite Viana;
Mozambique’s rescaled dualistic urbanisation: dealing with historical legacies of imperialism and resistance, Céline F. Veríssimo;
The re-emergence of urban renewal in Maputo: the importance and scale of the phenomenon in the neoliberal context, Sílvia Jorge;
Naming the urban in twentieth-century Mozambique: towards spatial histories of aspiration and violence, Tiago Castela and Maria Paula Meneses;
Prepaid electricity in Maputo, Mozambique: challenges for African urban planning, Idalina Baptista. Index.