Sustainable Urbanism and Beyond: Rethinking Cities for the Future Edited by Tigran Haas, Pub Date: April 3, 2012, Publisher: Rizzoli, New York ISBN: 978-0-8478-3836-3

About This Book

The city in the twenty-first century faces major challenges, including social and economic stratification, wasteful consumption of resources, transportation congestion, and environmental degradation. More than half of the world’s population lives in cities and major metropolitan areas, and in the next two decades the number of city dwellers is estimated to reach five billion. This puts enormous pressures on transportation systems, housing stock, and infrastructure such as energy, waste, and water, which directly influences the emissions of greenhouse gases.

As the long emergency awaits us, urgent questions remain: How will our cities survive? How can we combat and reconcile urban growth with sustainable use of resources for future generations to thrive? Where and how urbanism comes into the picture and what “sustainable” urban forms can do in light of these events are some of the issues Sustainable Urbanism and Beyond explores. With more than sixty essays, including contributions by Andrés Duany, Saskia Sassen, Peter Newman, Douglas Farr, Henry Cisneros, Peter Hall, Sharon Zukin, Peter Eisenman, and others, this book is a unique perspective on architecture, urban planning & theory, environmental and urban design, sociology, etc. exploring ways for raising quality of life and the standard of living in a new modern era by creating better and more viable places to live. Link:

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About the Editor

Tigran Haas is the associate professor of urban planning and design and sustainable urbanism at KTH - The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm and the Chair of Civitas Athenaeum Laboratory (CAL), KTH.

Tigran Haas is also the editor of the bestselling book "New Urbanism & Beyond: Designing Cities for the Future", Rizzoli, New York 2008:

New Urbanism & Beyond Book Reviews

This book is an outstanding compendium of “some of the brightest urban minds of today” - Professor Emeritus Manuel Castells (University of California, Berkeley)

“This book, which brings together an impressive array of 67 leading thinkers in urbanism today, is likely to become a classic resource for students, instructors, professionals, policymakers, activists, and anyone who is fascinated with cities and their future. It is also a rewarding treasury of ideas, drawings, photographs and case study information, offering a delightful browse or more careful study.” - Publisher (Rizzoli, New York)

“Haas has assembled one of the most stimulating books yet published about New Urbanism...and has gathered writings from what amounts to a who's-who of architecture, planning, urban design and related fields...This is a book that every new Urbanist should have.” - Philip Langdon (New Urban News)

The book…presents a provocative range of thought from many of the most legendary thinkers of the last half-century on cities, architecture and urbanism, including Christopher Alexander, Bill Hillier, Peter Hall, Leon Krier, Jan Gehl and many others. Its specific focus is the movement of New Urbanism, and key founders present their case here (Peter Calthorpe, Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk et al). Critics also have their say (Ayssar Arida, Ed Robbins, Lars Lerup et al) with additional thoughtful analysis from many in between (Emily Talen, Christopher Alexander, Saskia Sassen, William Mitchell et al)." - Michael W Mehaffy (Tectics)

“Inspired by a Swedish conference on urbanism, this coffee table style tome could be easily mistaken for sociology textbook. It is unabashedly academic, both in its format and content, integrating topics from sociology, economics, ecology, architecture, engineering, global politics and beyond. Despite its looming size and academic lexicon, the book is above all fascinating, accessible and incredibly relevant...maybe it’s about time for city planners to connect social equity, sustainability, and human connection into the places we live.“ - Jackie Chiquoine (Tokion)

“With 69 contributors and 61 essays, the book is ambitious…it’s worth a look. Many of its contributions make valuable points about new urbanism and potential new versions of it”. - Sylvia Lewis (Planning, American Planning Association APA)

“This is not an anticipatory work, a book of dreams, or a nostrum for the future design of cities and our communities; it is simply a solidly grounded collection of ideas and thoughts addressing our urban condition (and beyond) written by an exceptional group of individuals never before assembled in one place.” - Assistant Professor Tigran Haas (KTH, Book Editor)

“Broken into eleven themed sections (theories, sprawl, sustainability, digital spaces, social capital, etc.), it's more accurate to call the collection a ‘primer on urban design’ -- as the book does call itself....Ultimately the book is as valuable a collection of voices on urbanism as the recent Endless City. While each has different intentions, the results -- and parties involved -- have substantial overlap, something indicative of the trend towards thinking on the urban and regional scale.” - John Hill (A Weekly Dose of Architecture)