Demographic change is a core reason for the decreasing demand in the housing market. Residential development and leasing companies will only be profitable in the current market if they are able to provide an attractive product portfolio that is demand oriented. An existing stock-based housing and urban policy should include residential options for specific target groups that provide a high quality of urban amenities, infrastructure and demand oriented services. The housing and urban policy should also encourage the participation of tenants. All of these recommendations should be mediated by modern communication and marketing politics.
This publication introduces the state of the scientific discussion in the mentioned fields and presents good practices from the cities of Berlin, Bremen, Den Haag, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Gera, Gotha, Hamburg, Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe, Leinefelde, Leipzig, Lübbenau, Nürnberg, Rudolstadt, Schwerin, Suhl and Stuttgart. These case studies can be considered examples of demand orientation in both housing and urban development. With contributions of Heiko Beck, Rebecca Eizenhöfer, Manfred Röber, Heidi Sinning, Daniela Ziervogel und Birgit Zimmermann.