By John Glasson and Riki Therivel

Fifth Edition  - published March 2019

© Routledge Natural and Built Environment series


A comprehensive, clearly structured and readable overview of the subject, Introduction to Environmental Impact Assessment has established itself as the leading introduction to EIA worldwide. This fifth edition is a major update reflecting many significant changes in EIA procedures, process, practice and prospects over the last decade. In particular, it includes:

  • a much more international dimension, drawing on EIA activities worldwide;
  • an up to date coverage of the revised EU EIA Directive and its implementation;
  • the associated update of contemporary UK procedures and practice;
  • best practice on evolving methods in the EIA process;  
  • a rich array of UK and many international case studies;
  • a new coverage of emerging  EIA impact topics, including equality/deprivation; culture;

             resettlement; climate change; ecosystem services; risk, resilience and cumulative impacts;

  • an appraisal of some next steps in the EIA process, including a more effective and proportionate

             EIA; the impact of technological change; the changing interpretation of the project; project

             implementation, monitoring and adaptive management; and moves towards a more integrated

             impact  assessment. Together, these topics act as a kind of action list for future EIA;

  • the development of SEA legislation and practice in the UK, EU and worldwide; and
  • a set of appendices containing key legislation and an EIS review framework.


Written by two authors with extensive research, training and consultancy experience of EIA, this book brings together the most up-to-date information from many sources.