Frank van der Hoeven, Michael Loveday, Stefan van der Spek, Reinhard Kallenbach, Sam Gullam, Thierry Burkhard, Jonas Schmid and Pascal Mages, Street-level desires, discovering the city on foot
Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Faculty of Architecture (BK), 2008

Pedestrian mobility and the regeneration of the European city centre Spatial Metro, a project largely funded by the EU, aims to make city visits more enjoyable for pedestrians by making cities easier to navigate, easier to walk around and easier to understand and appreciate. This is achieved in various ways, including illuminating characteristic buildings, providing ‘metro style’ maps as well as appropriate information and signposting for pedestrians and the application of GPS technology. Together with municipalities and universities, five cities (Norwich, Bristol, Rouen, Koblenz and Biel/Bienne) in North West Europe have carried out pilot studies and exchanged experiences.
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