Roskamm, Nikolai (2011): Dichte. Eine transdisziplinäre Dekonstruktion. Diskurse von Stadt und Raum. Transcript-Verlag. 380 S., 34,80 €. ISBN 978-3-8376-1871-6. For further details, see:

The term density is present in many recent debates and discourses about city and space within different layers: density as category for spatial and social analysis, density as condition and cause in social theory, density as metaphor and goal of the urban discourse or density as part for planning regulations. Density is a construction constructed by context: laden with contextually significance and transparent for normative alignment in the background. Through the use as a module of analysis, theory and policy the density-container is charged with content. Hence the view to the common density-practice is a way to understand the (not in a few cases hidden) normative base of the many different discourses where density plays a key-rule.