The aim of this book, which is primarily intended for students, professionals, and public officials, is to illustrate the activity of urban design by defining and describing a process. The primary aim of the text is not to explain how to design a city portion, a precinct or a public space, but what steps need to be completed in order to reach the final outcome. A process model applied, as in this case, to urban design is a way of managing the internal dynamics of a projects. It is a means to help designers in their role of project manager. A role which is to plan, to control, and to co-ordinate a project from conception to completion. Urban Design proposes a nine-step design process that is described in nine chapters. For each phase of the process, the book provides descriptions, principles, examples and references to Italian and International case studies, and to a wide literature. Along the whole book, the Italian text is faced by the English text.
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