Carlos Nunes Silva (ed.) (2020). Contemporary Trends in Local Governance: Reform, Cooperation and Citizen Participation. Cham: Springer ISBN 978-3-030-52516-3

This book addresses and explores recent trends in the field of local and urban governance. It focuses on three domains: institutional reforms in local government; inter-municipal cooperation; and citizen participation in local governance. In the last decades, in different regions of the world, there is ample evidence that sub-national government, in particular the field of local governance, is in a permanent state of change and reflux, although with differences that reflect national particularities. Since these institutional changes have an impact in the local policy process, in the delivery of public services, in the local democracy, and in the quality of life, it is mandatory to monitor these continued institutional changes, to learn with these changes, if possible before these experiences are transferred and replicated in other countries.