Dear AESOP Colleagues,

The AESOP Executive Committee would like to welcome you to the new look AESOP website! The new website features many improvements, but just to highlight a few:

- Better presentation of AESOP Events activities

- Improved functionalities for managing billing and making payments

- Easier accessibility of AESOP journals for our members

- Upgraded functionality for AESOP Thematic Groups.

We now invite you to re-register on the new AESOP site using the same email address you are using right now (please note that your old user name and password won't work on the new website).

 - Registering on the new website is easy! Please go to: 
In this first step, you only have to fill in the required fields marked with an asterisk (*). In response, you should receive an email with a confirmation link. Please confirm via the link, and you should be able to log in.

 - After you log in, you will notice more options in the Members menu. Choose, for instance, "Your Account":

 - By using the "Profile Edit" link on that page, you can complete the information transferred from the old website to the new:

Years ago asking members to upload a C.V. made sense. Nowadays, most institutes provide a personal webpage with bio, responsibilities, publications and personal data. And there is Google Scholar, ORCID, ResearchGate and Academia. On the new AESOP website, we offer you now the possibility to share direct links to those pages, it saves you needing to update your information continually! 


ExCo would also like to thank the CoRep, TG Coordinators and AEKOM for their input and support. ExCo would also like to thank Frank van der Hoeven (OpenAccess) for his continued hard work on the website. 

Please note that there may be some delays in fixing minor updates as the AESOP Secretariat’s office gets used to the new website! Thank-you for your patience.

Kind regards,


Angelique Chettiparamb
AESOP Secretary General