Thank you to Ben Davy!

Ben Davy`s period as President of AESOP ends and he will take on the role of Vice-President for a year following AESOP conventions. Ben has been President for two years (2018-2020) and Vice President for a year prior to this (2017-2018).

The COVID19 crisis does not allow us to express our gratitude to the stepping down President during the General Assembly alongside the AESOP Annual Congress, as has been the tradition for many years. So we would like to use this way to thank Ben in the hope to continue the collaboration with him as a senior Vice-President.

The AESOP community wishes to thank Ben for all his efforts as President over the last two years. He has been a wonderful Chair of AESOP meetings, distinctive in his relaxed and calm manner as well as his fairness in ensuring that everyone gets a voice and is heard amongst the numerous voices clamouring for attention in meetings. Providing a special insight into legal aspects and balancing different positions, especially when influenced by today’s many turbulences, really needs a prudent attitude. His efforts to achieve consensus have been admirable. We will definitely miss the skilled Chair of meetings!

Ben has been ambitious for AESOP in wanting to do more all the time. He has been particularly outward looking and was instrumental in forging the AESOP MoU with ACSP. 

The Young Academics joins AESOP in wishing him well in his new place of residence and in his retirement!

AESOP ExCo and YA on behalf of AESOP Community