To the AESOP Community,

AESOP is very concerned about the situation in Ukraine. Even though we do not have any AESOP members institutions in Russia or Ukraine, all of us in Europe and the World are, and will be, significantly impacted. It is a very distressing time for those who are directly involved, and a very tense moment for everyone in the rest of the world. In these trying times we hope for a swift end to the war. AESOP member schools and individuals from our member schools will undoubtedly be involved in war relief efforts in various ways. We stand in respect and solidarity with all humanitarian efforts undertaken by the AESOP community.

The ExCo are naturally concerned with this situation in relation to upcoming AESOP events. We are currently discussing the options for the event formats and communication regarding AESOP events will be released in the coming days. But to reassure you, AESOP events will be taking place this year.

AESOP Executive Committee