Professor Willem Salet, University of Amsterdam, took his official retirement on December 2nd, 2016. On the occasion of his public lecture, his colleagues and former AESOP Presidents Peter Ache and Gert de Roo thanked Willem Salet for his contribution to the AESOP community.
Former President Patsy Healey gave an account of Willem Salet's academic contributions and also spoke about his role in AESOP.
Willem Salet has been President of AESOP from 2008 until 2010. One of his many initiatives for AESOP was related to the further improvement of academic standards of the annual conferences. Willem Salet will certainly stay connected to the community. 

On behalf of our President Anna Geppert we are happy to address Willem our warmest thanks for his great contribution to the development of our Association.

The AESOP community wishes you many fulfillments in this new time of your life!

Willem Salet Farewell