We are pleased to announce that the AESOP Council of Representatives has approved Daniel Galland as the new Chair of the Excellence in Education Board. On behalf of the whole AESOP community we would like to express our warmest congratulations to the new AESOP Official, Daniel Galland! We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.

The election was held at the CoRep Meeting in Warsaw, on 31st March 2017. Following on this election, the CoRep ratified the replacement of the AESOP Experts Pool by the new Excellence in Education Board.

The EEB will work on the Quality Recognition Programme, evaluating the applicants programmes.

CoRep members have been requested to select up to 3 members per country to take part in the Excellence in Education Board.
The members of the EEB have been selected amongst people which have experience in preparing and running educational programmes in planning with international cooperation, preferably with an experience in evaluation.

The AESOP QR is awarded to single programmes (eg. BA or Msc) that fulfill the European standards of quality of planning education recognized by the AESOP charter and complemented by an effective internationalization of the teaching. It is valid for a period of time of 6 years.